1. We host some ansbaradigaethus (amazing beyond belief, in Welsh) events!

With many ansbaradigaethus events hosted throughout the year in our various bars and nightclub, the union has all your partying needs covered with events ranging from club nights to Rock nights and DJ competitions. Whether it’s a special occasion such as Freshers' or just another Wednesday, we’ve got you covered.

2. We can help you start something new.

Want to represent your University at rugby? Or just really love anime? Whatever it is, there is probably a society, team or club for it. Even if there isn’t, we’ll help you make one. Clubs and Societies are a great way to fuel your passion whilst meeting like-minded people.

3. We are here for you, no matter how small or big the problem is.

If you have any issues with the academic side of life, or just aren’t feeling yourself, we are more than happy to help. If you have any query, no matter how weird or bizarre you may think it is, we are here to help point you in the right direction. 

4. We make sure your voice is heard

As the recognised voice of students at the University of South Wales, we support you to campaign on the issues you care about and ensure the student body – a collective voice of over 28,000 students is heard at the highest level. So, if there’s something you need or you have an amazing idea to improve student life, we can help. Find out how to get in touch with us here or drop in to the SU office and say hello!

5. Come join us

With so much to do, the Union hires many part-time staff to help students every day. This ranges from bar staff to our Information Team (which covers all 3 campuses) and allows flexible hours whilst earning a bit of dough to help with student life. Find out about vacancies here.