1. Mishan Wickremasinghe


He’s your SU President and he’s on a Mishan (see what did there) to help you get the most out of your university experience. The Students' Union has an open door policy so you can pop in any time. Find our more about Mish and what's he's up to this year here.


2. Your Course Rep


Every course will elect Course Reps at the beginning of term. Course Reps are the people to talk to if you’ve got any issues with your course or you’ve recognised areas where your course could be improved. They’ll speak to your course leader for you and feed information back to you. They’ll also attend course rep assemblies and forums at the SU to keep us in the know about your course.


3. Ben Calvert


He’s the man with the plan! The student experience plan, that is. Ben is the Pro Vice Chancellor for Learning, Teaching and Student Experience, so his job is primarily about making student life better. Here he is taking part in our annual Movember Campaign raising money and awareness for men's Mental Health. 


4. the Campus Bunnies